Meet our Team - Fund Raising Committee

Nix Barrett
Fund Raising Manager

I first found out about the charity when I took my Border Terrier Skip to his Puppy Party, where Tracey made an introduction.

I think DHK is such an amazing charity because it gets children to engage and let go. Animals are the one being not expecting anything from you, all they want is your kindness and love. The children don't have to prove anything or worry about what is thought of them, which in turn lets them grow as a Person. I could really have done with this kind of support myself as a child and so am very keen to help where I can.


Jacqui Harrison
Merchandise and Sponsor a DHK Dog

Being a creative person I was first interested in joining the Fundraising Committee to help DHK develop a merchandising range, which I am now very involved in. I also help to organise DHK's big annual fundraising event, Paws on the Beach, and my initial contribution to this was to set up Paws on Boards, the UK's first ever Dog Surfing Organisation. I am now in the process of trying to set up the UK's first ever Dog Surfing Competition!


Alice Hayward
Communities and Schools

I am the proud owner of Percy, a DHK Educational Assistance Dog who is in training at Countess Wear Community School in Exeter where I work full time in the front office. I am so pleased to be part of the fundraising committee for DHK, and I am determined to help them raise as much money as possible! I am very much looking forward to the exciting events coming up with the charity over the next few years. I have two working cocker spaniels, Winston and Percy, and a little girl called Pippa, and we spend most of our time in the Devon countryside. I feel extremely lucky to be part of the charity, who do not get enough financial recognition for what they do. I hope this changes soon as they do so much for both children and dogs in schools across the country


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