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Bella - Beagle
DHK Puppy in Training - Hertfordshire

We are pleased to introduce Bella, our Beagle puppy, who was born on 1st February 2019. Bella is the first DHK Beagle and we are very proud of that fact, as are Marie and Adrian, our Kennel Club Assured Breeders.

Breeds were covered at the DHK workshop and after some family discussion we chose a Beagle as they are known for their friendly, loving nature, are sociable and good with children, other dogs and animals. DHK approved our choice and we are pleased to say that Bella certainly lives up to these traits and is always really happy to meet everyone. Unfortunately, her sad face doesn't always show this but it's confirmed by her wagging tail!

We recently attended our first intensive Puppy Training Day with Tracey at the DHK headquarters. Bella is always a very keen student, especially when it involves nice treats such as cheese! She worked really hard that day and Tracey said that she is an extremely intelligent puppy (another proud moment). While in Devon we took Bella to the beach. She loved it and having found a quiet spot we were brave and let her off the lead and she did some really good recall training so fingers crossed that this continues!

We are working hard towards our advanced Puppy Training Day which takes place later this year. If Bella passes the Puppy Programme she will start training to become our Educational Assistance dog and among other things she will be trained to become a reading companion to children who may find reading 'tricky'. We are certain that reading to a non-judgemental dog who 'just listens' and does not laugh or make fun of them will help develop our pupils confidence and self-esteem and encourage a life long love of learning. Our children are learning to 'Talk Dog' and can see what Bella is doing through updates on 'Bella's Board', assemblies and our website.

We carried out a lot of research on 'School Dogs' and were amazed that there is currently no benchmark standard of training for a dog to come into a school. We shared DHK's belief that a dog should only be working with a child, in an educational environment, if it has been trained, assessed and certified to do so. We acknowledge that we were extremely fortunate to secure a place on a DHK workshop where we received lots of information from Tracey and Gail and had the opportunity to meet Nik and Fernie who are working as a DHK Team, Teazel, Gail's dog, who is a DHK Certified PR School Dog and Tracey's dog, Vader a DHK Certified Support Dog.

With the knowledge and experience that Tracey and Gail shared with us, we secured Bella from a great breeder and have found an excellent local trainer and have begun our journey with DHK to turn our puppy into a fantastic School Dog who will support our School Vision 'to create a learning culture that empowers skilful, independent learners for the future'.

Type of School Dog
Bella is training to become a DHK Educational Assistance Dog.

Owner of School Dog
Sheila O'Shaughnessy

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Bella is in training at Oak View Primary School in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.


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