DHK Puppies in Training 2018

Chilli - Mini Labradoodle
DHK Puppy in Training - Tiverton, Mid Devon

Chilli the miniature labradoodle was born on 26 October 2017. Gail waited over a year for her because she wanted a puppy from a specific breeder who would undertake the socialisation and habituation required for the very best start in life. Chilli joined a family of 4 other dogs including Teazel, our DHK Certified PR School Dog, and Pepsi, a DHK Certified Support Dog. As Director of Welfare and Primary Education for DHK, Gail was able to cherry pick the dogs, adults and children who got to interact with Chilli from the age of 9 weeks. This ensured there were no errors in her early socialisation.

Chilli is a very intelligent puppy and combined with an experienced trainer, is on track to become DHK's second PR dog when Teazel retires.

Chilli is a very confident playful puppy and always eager to learn. She's either asleep or busy! She loves food which makes reward based training easy and loves a variety of toys too.

Chilli has her own Facebook page which follows her training week by week.


Type of School Dog
Chilli is training to become a DHK PR Dog and a Support School Dog.

Owner of School Dog
Gail Laurence

DHK Entry Test
Chilli passed the DHK Entry Test in August 2018


Heidi - Sproodle
DHK Puppy in Training - Liverpool

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Heidi is a Sproodle (a cross between Springer Spaniel and Poodle) who was born on the 25th April 2018. She came to live with us at 7 weeks old, she settled well with family life and now we could not imagine life without her. Heidi is super cute, friendly, and confident and always makes people smile with her long, wagging tail. She is training to be an Educational Assistance Dog at Bishop Martin CE Primary School in Woolton, Liverpool.
Before joining Dogs Helping Kids I did a lot of research into the benefits on having a school dog. We are always looking to engage children in reading and with a range of different needs at school, we felt a school dog could help develop self-esteem, build children's confidence and improve the emotional well-being of both pupils and staff. We were impressed with high expectations set by DHK and it is a privilege to be part of it.
Heidi attended school a little before the summer holidays to familiarise herself with the surroundings and began to settle in the office, and she will be spending more time there from September. We have attended our first Puppy Training Day with Tracey and Gail, where Heidi was absolutely in love with Tracey. We have lots to practice in school before our Advanced Training Day.

Type of School Dog
Heidi is training to become a DHK Educational Assistance Dog

Owner of School Dog
Jill Broom

DHK Entry Test
Heidi passed the DHK Entry Test in July 2019

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Heidi is in training at Bishop Martin CE Primary School in Woolton, Liverpool.


Willow - Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training - Morden, Surrey

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Willow is a four-month old Labrador puppy with oodles of character! She loves life and is always alert and wanting to explore new things. Having Willow is an absolute joy and privilege and we are so thankful to Kate and Simon for breeding such a wonderful dog.
Willow is training to be an Educational Assistance Dog at Hillcross Primary School in Morden, Surrey. Before the summer, Willow had a little bit of time to settle into my office and really seems to be enjoying her time in school. We are working super hard at loose lead walking and generally learning to love her days there.
I first heard of DHK a couple of years ago when someone sent me a video link of Fernie. The prospect of training a dog to work with children and reading about the positive impact they could have in school really excited me and was something I knew I wanted to do immediately. As such, It's fair to say I pretty much stalked the charity until securing my two day initial course...and here we are!
It's incredibly hard work and challenging as there's so much to learn and you can't afford to get it wrong. But, having said that, I love it and I feel so very lucky to have Willow in work with me. Knowing the positive impact she's having already on the school community (even though she's based solely in my office) and how much more is yet to come makes all the hard work worth it. From assemblies I've done on Willow and DHK, the children understand how to approach a dog they've never met and grasp the basic levels of how to 'read dog'.
There is a real sense of community within the charity and Gail and Tracey have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is mesmerising and truly inspiring. Willow and I can't wait for the next step of our DHK journey!

Type of School Dog
Willow is training to become a DHK Educational Assistance Dog.

Owner of School Dog
Helen Beckett

DHK Entry Test
Willow passed the DHK Entry Test in July 2019

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Willow is in training at Hillcross Primary School in Morden, Surrey.


Emmet - Mini Labradoodle
DHK Puppy in Training - South Oxfordshire

Emmet is a Mini Labradoodle, who was born in June 2018 and is training to be an Educational Assistance Dog at Cholsey Primary School in South Oxfordshire.
I first started researching the huge benefits of having an Educational Assistance Dog about 3 years ago and after being frustrated at the lack of training and support available to introduce a dog safely, thankfully found out about DHK and the accreditation they offer.
I attended the 2 day School Dog Workshop and found the advice and details shared daunting, but also hugely exciting. It was really useful to meet other current school dog owners and future ones. I am so grateful for the support I received from DHK in choosing Emmet and how to ensure he had the best possible start with my family, when he came to live with us last summer.
Emmet started coming to school in September and has settled well into a routine. He has already had a positive impact on the children and staff and we thoroughly enjoyed the Puppy Training Day at DHK in October, where Tracey and Gail were like magicians in showing his potential. Emmet is a very scruffy, mischievous and loving puppy. He is very eager to please and loves all the training we do, as well as chilling in his crate or bed; usually on his back with all four legs in the air. I have got used to dodging the various toys scattered around my office.
Although the children do not yet have any contact with Emmet, they are all becoming little dog experts with regular video updates in assemblies and sessions on 'How to Speak Dog'.
We have a lot to practise before our next training day and the support and guidance from Gail and Tracey is invaluable in helping us to succeed.

Type of School Dog
Emmet is training to become a DHK Educational Assistance Dog.

Owner of School Dog
Heidi McSweeney

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Emmet is in training at Cholsey Primary School, South Oxfordshire.


Tilly - Labrador
DHK Puppy in Training Yeovil, Somerset

Tilly is a Labrador puppy who lives in Dorset with Daisy (14) and Louis (11) and who goes to school across the border in Somerset!
Tilly goes to school every day in Yeovil. She is training to be an Educational Assistance Dog at Birchfield Community Primary School. Birchfield is a larger than average primary school with over 420 children. The school is in an area of deprivation and has a varied catchment.
Tilly was bred by the lovely Michele under 'Puppy Culture' and as a result is a confident, thoughtful and mischievous puppy! She loves a challenge and enjoys working out how to get her next treats… She is a fast learner who likes nothing more than to be tested on her cues!
At school Tilly is working behind the scenes. She has a bed in my office where she spends much of the day. When the children are in lessons she loves to walk by each classroom practicing her sit, stand, downs and she has been the focus of some fabulous year 4 writing.
The children at school are very excited to have Tilly and there is always a buzz in the air when she is glimpsed in the office or out in the courtyard. They have been enjoying the assemblies on dog safety and speaking dog and have all been very supportive in helping Tilly while she settles in and works towards her entry assessment.
Tilly has completed her first set of puppy classes and is due to take her next course in January. She also regularly sees Gail, from DHK, for top up sessions, next steps and plenty of reassurance

Type of School Dog
Tilly is training to become a DHK Educational Assistance Dog.

Owner of School Dog
Judy Parker

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Tilly is in training at Birchfield Community Primary School, Yeovil.


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