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Charlie - Labrador X Springer Spaniel

Trainee School Dog

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Type of School Dog
Charlie is training to be the charity's first ever Support School Dog

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Charlie is in training to help and support Rachael's son Liam.

DHK Assessments Three to Eight - The DHK School Dog Training Programme Assessments
Charlie has passed DHK Training Asssessment One, Two and Three.

Rachael thinks the world of her dog Charlie, who is a Labrador x Springer. He's such a good natured dog. She particularly likes the way he moves his head when he listens to anyone speaking to him. When Rachael reaches for her clicker Charlie knows its time for training and he gets very excited, he loves to learn new tricks and loves to please. His favourite trick at the moment is the “beg”, he will do this trick whenever he can and he likes to show it off to all his new friends that he meets out and about. When Charlie is not training as a School Dog he loves nothing better than to chase a squeaky ball in the woods or on the beach.


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