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Dogs Helping Kids is the UK’s unique charity dedicated to using highly trained dogs to help teach children non-violence, empathy, respect, kindness, love, responsibility, friendship and trust.

Dogs Helping Kids is a unique charity with it's headquarters based in North Devon, England. We are the only organisation in the country training and assessing dogs purely to work in the school and college environments as both educational and therapeutic aids. We are evolving and growing all the time, and we have the highest standards of canine welfare and wellbeing in the country. The impact our School Dogs have on children and teenagers in the educational environment is amazing and changes lives forever. It is our vision to have a DHK School Dog working in every school and college across the country.

From Rescue Puppy to Certified School Dog – the heart-warming story of Vader the Blue Cross charity unwanted puppy who became a DHK Support School Dog.

Dogs Helping Kids believes that a dog should only be working with a child or teenager, in an educational environment, if it has been trained, assessed and certified to do so. Each one of our Certified DHK School Dogs has had to complete a three year training programme, pass 8 increasingly difficult assessments, and once Certified, undergo an annual assessment. This is for the safety of the children, the staff, the School Dog owner and the School Dog. Please, never allow a dog in your school or college if it has not been assessed with children or trained for the task it is there to undertake – you must insist in seeing proof that this has been undertaken.


RSPCA logo"The RSPCA recognise the DHK School Dog Training Programme and its standards for dog training and welfare." DHK are very proud of our links with such an amazing charity.

The Kennel Club logoDHK is thrilled to receive ongoing support from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. We would not have come this far if it were not for their generous donations and we are really grateful to them for believing in the work we undertake with our School Dogs.

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