DHK Retired School Dogs

Wynona - Alaskan Malamute - Devon
Certified School Dog - Retired September 2014

It is with sadness that we decided to retire Wynona as a school dog. Wynona has Hip Dysplasia which has sadly got worse over the last 12 months. Wynon has been working with the charity since she was about 8 weeks old, firstly working with teenagers.
Wynona has always loved to work and learn new things and she adored working with the children. I only had to pick up her Dogs Helping Kids uniform and she would be woo wooing and spinning around with excitement. She couldn't wait to go and see the children! Wynona worked at Forches Primary School where she listened to children read and worked with children who had an attendance problem. The children would learn all about staying safe with dogs and all about dogs. At the end of their session they would choose two fun tricks to do with Wynona. Wynona could do over thirty different tricks. She could read flash cards, know her colours, add, subtract and multiply, these were just some of the favourite tricks the children loved doing with her along with the "Bang" trick.
Wynona has attended several fund raising events to promote Dogs Helping Kids, Diverisity Day and The Big Sit 2013 being some of them. She has also attended local Beavers and Brownie meetings along with several Cheque presentations. Wynona loved being part of Dogs Helping Kids and wore her uniform with pride, we shall both miss it dearly.

Type of School Dog
Wynona was a Visiting School Dog and an Educational School Dog. Since being a puppy, Wynona worked with and helped teenagers for a number of years. Once officially Certified Wynona started working with primary school children until her retirement.

School Dog Training Programme Assessments (6 in total)
Wynona passed all Four DHK Training Assessments, her Library Assessment and her Read Assessment. Wynona passed all her DHK Annual Assessments during her working career.

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Wynona worked at Forches Cross Nursery and Primary School in Barnstaple, North Devon.


Pip - Dalmation x Labrador - Gloucester
Certified School Dog - Retired July 2017

Pip- or 'Pippy dog' as the school children often called her- is now 13. It's hard to determine how old that is in human years, but we can safely say she is well into her dotage! She is slowing up, and getting rather deaf, which makes for interesting use of hand signals… So Pip had her retirement party at the end of the 2017 summer term. She had a picnic outside with the whole school she has been attending. Speeches were given, and she was presented with a wonderful book about a dog reading (obviously) which was signed by many of the children that have read to her. Being the centre of attention was no problem for Pip- being in the centre of a mass picnic for a half Labrador that is basically a stomach on legs- was one of her greater DHK challenges!
She has touched the lives of a huge number of children over the last 7 years. Enabling children to engage with reading, gain confidence in themselves, calming behaviours that can be challenging, working with children with autism, encouraging attendance, and overcoming a real phobia of dogs. We have had class projects that culminated with presentations of stories, writings, pictures and group readings to her. Watching the development and change that Pip could facilitate in the children, was truly a great privilege, and a joy. She has through her work particularly in the village school, become somewhat of a minor celebrity, walking down the high street can sometimes take a while…
She has been invited to many of the plays, pantomimes, assemblies and church services. Occasionally I have had to check whether it's ok for her owner to come too! She did promotion fund raising events too, enjoying the attention of shoppers stopping to find out more about DHK.
While I'm sure she will enjoy her retirement and wind down from working, even now when she passes the school gates, she looks at me to see if we are going in. I shall greatly miss taking her to school. Although I have no doubt we will get the occasional request to visit- or go to the odd panto!
I am proud to be part of the extraordinary work DHK does, and most of all I am very proud of my amazing dog- Pip.

Type of School Dog
Pip was a Visiting School Dog in Gloucestershire.

School Dog Training Programme Assessments (6 in total)
Pip passed all 4 DHK Training Assessments, her Library Assessment and her Read Assessment.

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Pip worked at Hawkesbury CE VC Primary School in Hawkesbury Upton and Trinity CE Primary School in Acton Turville.


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