DHK Trainee School Dogs

Pippa - Miniature Poodle
Trainee School Dog

Pippa is a miniature Poodle. I am so proud of Pippa, she has a lovely gentle personality, she is so eager to please you and learn new tricks. Pippa is so full of energy and loves her walks and adores playing with her ball. She also loves swimming and dog agility!
At the end of the day, she just loves to sprawl over you on the sofa and watch TV with you!

Type of School Dog
Pippa is training to be a Visiting School Dog

School Dog Training Programme Assessments (6 in total)
Pippa has passed all Four DHK Training Assessments and her Library Assessment (DHK Assessment 5) and her Read Assessment (DHK Assessment 6).


Dudley - Labradoodle
Trainee School Dog

Hannah, proudly talks of her dog, "Dudley attended Tracey's puppy and advanced puppy training. He is the Nephew of school dog Teazel and brother to Pepsi who is also on the DHK training program.
He is enthusiastic and keen to learn new things. He loves life and people of all ages. He enjoys playing ball, learning agility and running on the beach. He also loves a cuddle and having his tummy tickled by my daughters.
It would be great if he could become a School Dog and raise awareness of DHK and the work of the charity in the Holsworthy area of North Devon."

Type of School Dog
Dudley is training to be a Visiting School Dog

School Dog Training Programme Assessments (6 in total)
Dudley has passed DHK Training Asssessments One, Two and Three.


Frazzle - Labradoodle
Trainee School Dog

Russell, Frazzle's owner, speaks fondly of him - 'Frazzle is an extremely happy, gentle giant who loves nothing more than chilling out with the family, where he squeezes himself up against the sofa. He has boundless amounts of energy and loves coming cycling with the family or doing agility in the back field. He uses his bounciness to clear hurdles of 130cm and has recently started learning to skip.
I took Frazzle to puppy classes and advanced puppy classes and then found out about DHK. As a teacher I love the thought that I could take Frazzle to work and I am keen for Frazzle to join me as a school dog and maybe help children to enjoy school and learning in a different way. He loves people (a lot) and will greet you with a waggy tail and a present when you visit.'

Type of School Dog
Frazzle is training to be a Visiting School Dog

School Dog Training Programme Assessments (6 in total)
Frazzle has passed DHK Training Assessment One and Assessment Three


Teddy - Cocker Spaniel
Trainee Affiliate School Dog - Blackpool

Teddy is a Golden Cocker Spaniel who loves everybody; children, grown-ups and other doggy friends! He loves walking in the park and especially on the beach. Teddy accompanies his owner, Andrea, to work at St John Vianney Primary School, Blackpool, for two days a week, where he sits on his blanket in class while the children have their phonics lesson. He then lets children who have been extra good take him out for a little walk and practices some recall for a few tasty treats. Teddy then helps a small group of children who have difficulties with elements of their speech. He gives them lots of ideas to talk about and they have even learnt to sing a little song about him. The children are helping Teddy to practice his clever tricks and they are getting really good at giving nice clear commands and hand signals for Teddy to respond to. A lovely stroke and cuddle finishes off the session. Teddy is also learning to listen to stories and enjoys all the strokes he gets while doing so! Teddy has a lovely nature and enjoys any kind of attention including cuddles, belly rubbing, ear scratching and lots of fun games. He has become a valued member of the family at home and at school.

I am doing the DHK School Dog Affiliate Training with Teddy because I believe that children benefit greatly from contact with animals and learn to be caring and compassionate towards them. I hope that the children who work with Teddy will grow up as animals lovers and good pet owners, who are responsible and loving.

Type of School Dog
Teddy is training to be an Attending School Dog

School Dog Training Programme Assessments (6 in total)
Teddy has passed his first, second and third DHK Assessments.

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Teddy works at St John Vianney Primary School, Blackpool


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