DHK Puppies in Training 2018

Chilli - Mini Labradoodle
DHK Puppy in Training - Tiverton

Chilli the miniature labradoodle was born on 26 October 2018. Gail waited over a year for her because she wanted a puppy from a specific breeder who would undertake the socialisation and habituation required for the very best start in life. Chilli joined a family of 4 other dogs including Teazel, our DHK Certified PR School Dog, and Pepsi, a DHK Certified Support Dog. As Director of Welfare and Primary Education for DHK, Gail was able to cherry pick the dogs, adults and children who got to interact with Chilli from the age of 9 weeks. This ensured there were no errors in her early socialisation.

Chilli is a very intelligent puppy and combined with an experienced trainer, is on track to become DHK's second PR dog when Teazel retires.

Chilli is a very confident playful puppy and always eager to learn. She's either asleep or busy! She loves food which makes reward based training easy and loves a variety of toys too.

Chilli has her own Facebook page which follows her training week by week.


Type of School Dog
Chilli is training to become a DHK PR School Dog.

Owner of School Dog
Gail Laurence


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