DHK Puppies in Training 2017

Percy - Working Cocker Spaniel
DHK Puppy in Training - Exeter

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Percy is a Working Cocker Spaniel puppy, who was born on 31st May 2017. He came from a litter of seven puppies, of which there were two boys. His registered name is 'Your a Star' which he is living up to so far! He lives at home with Alice, Tom and his best friend Winston (a three year old working cocker spaniel). Percy goes to school with Alice every day and has done since he was 12 weeks old. “I have had Percy since he was eight weeks old and he is an absolute joy to have around. He loves swimming, running around the woods and climbing on to things when we are out and about. He is still behind the scenes at school at the moment, living with me in the office, but has completed his Puppy Training Day and Advanced Puppy Training Day at the DHK HQ, which we both very much enjoyed. We visit Canine Essentials in Bampton every week for training, and he will slowly start to work with individual children at school, for short periods over the next few months.

It was very important to me that bringing a puppy in to school was done with the best interest and welfare of the dog as top priority. 'Dogs Helping Kids' is I believe, the only charity to offer such a high level of training and support in doing this correctly. I have followed the charity since I started working in a school and I feel incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to complete this journey alongside Percy with the help and support of the wonderful DHK team.

Three words to describe Percy: Confident, Handsome, Clever.

Percy's favourite things to do: Sniff, and learn new things.

Best feature: Silky, soft, long ears.

Type of School Dog
Percy is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Owner of School Dog
Alice Pike

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Percy is in training at Countess Wear Community School, Exeter.


Jessie - Lurcher Cross
DHK Puppy in Training - Gloucester

Jess was born 14th March 2017. Her mum is a Vizla x Lurcher, and her Dad a German Wire Haired Pointer. A right old mix! We had her from 8 weeks, and she has settled into our home and rural village well. She is hilarious to have around, making us laugh at her antics, and people think she is a long legged version of Hairy McClary- or at least from Donaldson's Dairy…
Jess has already climbed her first mountains aged 16 weeks- in my husband's rucksack looking unbearably cute! She is quick to learn if food or a squeaky toy is on hand for reward. Jess is very friendly and loves meeting people; everyone is her new best friend. She thoroughly enjoys her walks out, running and exploring. Then basket time where she can alternate between snoozing, and watching the world go by outside. The village school have welcomed her in for visits to familiarize her with a school environment, and she is quickly becoming known and waved at, as she trots around the corridors.
Jess will work toward becoming a 1:1 support dog for children/teenagers who are experiencing difficulties in mainstream education. With her thirst to learn she will work well on a one to one basis, building a bond.
Jess is my second DHK dog, and while a total advocate of the aims and training methods the charity uses, I realise that Jess has big paws to fill! I have been privileged to have had many years of incredible connections my first dog made, and I am hoping Jess and I can achieve the same high standards to continue making a difference to children's lives as a Support Dog. Jess has completed both her puppy and advanced puppy training days at the DHK HQ.

Type of School Dog
Jess is training to become a DHK Support School Dog

Owner of School Dog
Deborah Neame


Sherlock - Cockerpoo
DHK Puppy in Training - Portsmouth

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Sherlock is our DHK Puppy in Training at The Portsmouth Grammar Junior School. We decided to have a school dog quite simply to make people happy; our main school aim is that our children should be happy and successful, in that order. Our comprehensive Pastoral Curriculum ensures that all children at the school are made to feel valued, safe and cared for, and Sherlock will make a significant contribution to that. We also wanted to ensure that if we had a school dog that he should be trained to the highest standard and were so impressed with DHK and its commitment to supporting the school with this. We also wanted there to be strong educational element to having Sherlock in school and once again DHK have been able to provide this.
Our Pastoral Curriculum is articulated via our Learning Tree, whose branches roots and trunk represent different values and thinking skills. Each of these in turn is represented by an animal and we have engaged with a local author to write stories for each. The stories tell the adventures of Sherlock, who represents empathy, and his toys, who come to life. This has helped enormously to deliver our values and thinking skills to our younger pupils. We are even thinking of having the stories illustrated and published, so watch this space…

Type of School Dog
Sherlock is training to become an Attending School Dog.

Owner of School Dog
Peter Hopkinson

Where the DHK School Dog is based
Sherlock is in training at The Portsmouth Grammar Junior School.


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