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Teazel and Gail & Dexter and Mandy - Certified DHK School Dog Teams

"Both of our children are lucky enough to spend time with Dogs Helping Kids School Dogs. After the first time Charlie Knox attended Barnstaple Library and read to Dexter, he talked about it for about three days. Charlie had great fun in telling the children in his class all about it. This sort of impact is pleasing to any parent as we are getting a sense of achievement from this.
I would recommend any parent to consider taking their children to Dogs Helping Kids, whatever the standard of reading they are at. Our children can read quite well, but don't like to. After going to Dogs Helping Kids reading sessions, our children enjoyed reading more and more, and are always looking forward to the next session.
Emily Knox loved spending time with Teazel at Southmead School. Having time with Teazel made her feel very important and special. She likes playing the games Gail set out for her.
Dogs Helping Kids should be worldwide, and offered to every child, as it is such a fabulous thing for confidence, reading ability and so much more. As a parent I am more than happy for my children to benefit from Dogs Helping Kids.
Thank you so much ."

Phil Knox, Parent of reader at Barnstaple Library and pupil at Southmead School


Teazel and Gail Laurence - Certified DHK School Dog Team

"Parents of the Nuture Group at Southmead School, who have spent quality time with Teazel during the Spring 2013 term, have said the following:

  • My son has been so much happier over the past few months since visiting Teazel regularly. We have seen his anxiety dramatically reduced and he has been much, much happier in all areas. Things like going to bed or going to school have been happy and fun; where as before they were triggers for my son to have anxiety attacks.
  • My daughter comes home every Tuesday with stories of what she did with Teazel. She has even tried training our dog like she does with Teazel. My daughter loves Teazel and really looks forward to and enjoys her time with her.
  • These sessions seemed to have a very positive effect on my son's desire to read, thank you for selecting him.
  • My son has really enjoyed his sessions with Teazel and when he was going through the toughest of his times, the days he had Teazel I had no problems getting him to school. I really feel that his time in these sessions have definetly improved his confidence and helped him to find himself again. I can not thank you enough for giving my son this opportunity.
  • This has been absolutely brilliant for my daughter, she has thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I would highly recommend it.
  • This experience has really help my son with his confidence at school. He would regularly ask "when is is Tuesday?" and had great enjoyment in telling us all about the sessions each week. We have been amazed at the difference in him since working with Teazel. He is far more happier to come to school and rarely tells us he does not want to go.

Parents of Nurture Group pupils, Southmead School, Braunton, North Devon


Teazel and Gail Laurence - Certified DHK School Dog Team

"William is loving his time with Teazel who is such a brilliant dog. A* to Teazel."

Amy Perryman, mum of year 3 pupil, Southmead Primary School, Braunton, North Devon


'Paws for a Book' scheme - Barnstaple Library - Mandy with Dexter

"A Big thank you to Tracey & her team, especially Dexter.
I dont know what magic Dexter weaves, but Finn is now a very happy & enthusiastic reader, considering how much he was struggling before, it is amazing. How can a dog make so much difference? Finn loves reading to Dexter (he also loves Dexter's glasses) and says he is good at listening and doesn't interupt or correct him. We think there should be a Dexter in every school.
Thank you all so much."

Paula Swanson, Parent of reader


'Paws for a Book' scheme - Barnstaple Library - Team DHK

"My daughter Sophia has been to the library three times this summer and has read both to Dexter and Kym. Sophia is extremely shy when she first meets people and the dogs really helped break the ice. She absolutely loved reading and interacting with the dogs and it made her less self concious. Sophia loves books and enjoys reading but it is difficult keeping this up during the holidays. But thanks to Dexter and Kym she spent quality time reading in a fun environment. Also I am very pleased that Sophia has built a good relationship with dogs, we do not have one at home as we have three cats, so she would not normally have had the opportunity to do this. Thank you Tracey for putting this programme together, I would not hesitate to recommend it to any child."

Hazel Gooding, Parent of reader


'Paws for a Book' scheme - Barnstaple Library - Gill with Kym

"My daughter is very shy and lacks confidence when reading. She does not like to speak up in class and read out loud and will go to great lengths to avoid this. She read to Kym and her owner Gill today. She was very worried about this and about being left with someone she did not know. She came out of the session a different child. She said, "Kym is the best dog I know. She lay down next to me and listened when I read. Kym is much better than you (Mum) or my teachers because she doesn't nag me when I get a word wrong. Gill said I was a really good reader. Gill is really nice. Can I come again and read to Kym. It was really fun. We read 'Heidi' and Kym enjoyed it and it didn't matter if I got a word wrong. I only got one word wrong. At the end we gave Kym a treat and she performed a 'beg' and did some tricks."
When we got home she went and told a builder friend who was working on the house how brilliant it had been reading to a dog. Then she phoned her grandma and told her. This is REALLY out of character!
I would recommend this opportunity to any parent whose child is lacking in confidence and struggling to enjoy reading. I will be recommending it to the pupils I teach."

Naomi Jefferies, Parent of Reader


'Paws for a Book' scheme - Barnstaple Library - Team DHK

"Just wanted to drop a quick line thanking DHK for organising the fantastic reading opportunity at Barnstaple Library for my son.
Adam has been twice now and has really enjoyed and benefited from both visits. The dogs are great and the owners deserve a great big thank you for giving up their spare time to help out.
Adam's enthusiasm for reading has grown enormously and we are now using our school library on a regular basis, slowly discovering authors that Adam enjoys.
Keep up the good work, I've spread the word amongst my friends and work colleagues!"

Claire Drew, Parent of reader


Paws for a Book' scheme - Barnstaple Library - Mandy with Dexter

"I just wanted to feedback how DHK has helped my son's confidence with his reading. Although he remains a reluctant reader, it was great to hear him talk positively about reading to Dexter and see how he is more confident reading aloud. He has really enjoyed the experience. Thank you."

Philippa Geddes, Parent of reader


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