The Sally Ansell Award

Winner 2016 - Liam Landymore

Dog that helped: Charlie - DHK's first Personal Support School Dog

Place that dog worked: Charlie lives with Liam and his family and is Liam's best friend and support.

Liam (aged 17) says - 'Charlie is 4 years old and is my Dogs Helping Kids Support School Dog, the first of its kind at DHK, so I am very honoured to have him as my dog. Charlie helped me overcome PTSD by helping me on a day to day basis, from going out and about, to eventually helping me to go into a school unit. He helps me with confidence and self esteen. When I am nervous in a new situation, he helps to make it better by being right by my side. He always seems to know when I am having a bad day and he always manages to let me know its going to be O.K. He is my best friend and I love him loads. Dogs Helping Kids have helped me loads and I see Tracey, the Founder of DHK, every week for training. I am very passionate about the charity and the work they do for children who need that little extra support like me'.


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